2012: Peak preparedness or plutocratic pepper spray?

The popularity of prophecies from the Mayan calendar and alien invasions to financial collapse, oil crash and nuclear war in the Mideast all suggest that 2012 is the year that the industrial world has picked for its own final reckoning.

And if you believe Robert Foster in the latest episode of Rap News #Occupy 2012, this could be the year when humanity gets the ultimate thumbs up or down.

Will the global #Occupy movement succeed in overthrowing corporate control of the economy and government, the only way to help the world avoid the worst of peak oil and related disasters? Or will the Wall Street-Pentagon complex manage to crush citizen opposition in a worldwide burst of pepper spray that’s a prelude to a universal Götterdämmerung?

“Twenty twelve is a time of attainment,” says the show’s resident warmonger, General Baxter. “First we’ll occupy the election and the next president’s brain stem. And as soon as Earth is spent we’ll occupy the moon with spaceships. Then we’ll brutally occupy Ur-anus.”

And the real-life interview with Noam Chomsky as straight man is funny too.

Just be sure to throw on your captions for this fast-talking, straight-talking, 2012-stalking foray into our shared brain if you want to truly grasp what at last is our mass challenge and come out knowing how or why we’ve got to ask how or why and use that to get by another day to reach the 12/21/12 array…and beyond.

— Erik Curren, Transition Voice

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  1. Auntiegrav says

    Whether through corporate control or individual control, the future will be determined by whether or not humans give more than they take from it.

    Corporations and currency simply speed up the process of a mechanism that is running the wrong way.

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