#26: Nonpartisan but NOT apolitical

Reason 26

Big Oil, Big Coal and Big Nuclear rule American energy policy along with an even larger posse of corporate plutocrats who exercise far too much influence inside the Beltway. None of them seem inclined to give up their hold on Washington. Nor are they troubled by operating free from accountability to the American people.

Their henchmen in Congress appear unbothered by this, too. Money in politics has never been as bad as it is now, which is leading to a raft of wretched policies, from a new era of drill-baby-drill (how soon we forgot the Deepwater Horizon) to Just Nuke It (Fukushima, anyone?).

And that sucks.

Such an unholy alliance means that sensible (eg, non-suicidal) energy ideas barely get a place at the table, global warming is too inconvenient a truth for lawmakers, and the economy has become nothing but a game of smoke and mirrors.

Willing to be political

There’s some disagreement in the environmental, energy and even Transition communities about whether it’s worth it to be engaged with national politics seeing how corrupt it is.

But we disagree. We think it’s important to watch the moves of big corporations and their puppets in DC and to hold politicians in all parties and their overlords accountable. We still think the pen is mightier than the sword, and we’re willing to fight to get the news out there.

Transition Voice writerReason #26

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    • Erik Curren says

      Hi John — Thanks for asking! We’re actually counting down David Letterman-list style, so the other reasons will be coming out through the rest of December. We hope you enjoy the series…

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