#18: Telling the Transition story

We’re huge fans of the Transition movement. We love it so much, we even put the word in our name. And while many folks within and outside of the Transition movement proper are talking about a transition to the post-fossil fuels economy/society/culture, it’s an idea that still needs more traction in the wider world if we’re to avoid the worst fallout of the converging crises of peak oil, global warming and economic crisis.

So transition in general is great. But in our view the Transition movement itself is even greater. People need a values-based (and sometimes a selfish) reason to shift a paradigm. Too see that it’s the right thing to do for other species, our own survival and our kids’ futures; Transition lifestyles are more sustainable, human-scale and help create community; our health and happiness matter, etc. And people also need practical responses that they can apply now without having to reinvent the wheel.

That’s why we’re proud of being in alignment with the worldwide Transition movement.

Independent journalism

Now, because we’re a media outlet, and not an official organ of either Transition Network or Transition US, we feel that freedom that journalists have to bring our own take on things, including describing differences between what Transition looks like in the US versus its birthplace in the UK.

We want to help tell the Transition story, and also to go wider into politics, and issues in contemporary life that aren’t the direct purview of the Transition community.

Still, we’re very proud to have interviewed Transition movement founder Rob Hopkins, to have written contributions from Transition Network co-founder Ben Brangwyn, to see Hopkins chime in on our discussion threads from time to time (sometimes taking us to task) and to have a partnership with Transition US where they send us one column a month (see today’s featured article by Patricia Benson). And we’re very to have teamed with them to cover the ASPO-USA conference this year where we live blogged for three days straight!

We hope to include even more articles from Transition and about groups in the coming year.

Transition Voice writerReason #18

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    We had rusty money some centruries back but unfortunatly it was soon forbidden from the elite. The King invented coins out of iron, so after a certain time it get rusty and losed the value…. The Prols in Europe are not afraid of inflation, because they will eat the rich!

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