Complete live blogs from ASPO conference

Click for our live coverage of the ASPO conference
Check out Transition Voice’s live blogging coverage of the ASPO-USA Truth in Energy Conference in Washington, DC from Nov. 3-5. Sponsored by Transition US.

  • Days 1 and 2, with a variety of panels (featuring such speakers as Nicole Foss, Gail Tverberg, and Naomi Davis, founder of Blacks in Green) and a keynote talk from agrarian philosopher and sustainable food researcher Wes Jackson of the Land Institute in Salina, Kansas.
  • Day 3, informal discussion panels on policy and communications (featuring ASPO-USA board chair Jim Baldauf along with Chris Martenson, Kurt Cobb and Tom Whipple) and local communities (with Sharon Astyk, Dmitry Orlov and John Michael Greer).
Transition US logoThanks to Transition US for sponsoring our ASPO-USA conference coverage.

— Erik Curren, Transition Voice

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