Special call with Chris Martenson, Tues. 10/25

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"The Crash Course" will help you understand and prepare for massive changes coming in the next 20 years. Talk to creator Chris Martenson on a free conference call this Tuesday, October 25.

Chris Martenson is known around the Transition world for offering The Crash Course, an online series of video presentations that more than a million people have viewed to help them prepare for an economy beyond peak oil, peak debt and peak environment.

After the slump of 2002, Martenson began digging around to see why his investments were doing so badly and to try to come up with a new approach. Not getting answers from his broker, Martenson took control of his own finances. He has been seeing higher returns ever since.

More interestingly for those of us who want to start preparing for a post-peak economy but worry less about investments than about making the mortgage or rent each month, Martenson has already made the kind of big changes in his life that many of us dream about. He quit his job with Fortune 300 technology company Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) corporation, sold his six-bedroom house in Mystic, CT and moved his family to a farm in the western part of the state.

While preparing his own family, Martenson has been helping a devoted community of followers on his website start their own preparations. This year, Martenson has just released a version of The Crash Course in book form.

I’ve just started the book and it’s very provocative so far. Martenson’s explanation of exponential growth and why it matters is essential to understanding the magnitude of the peak-everything challenges we face today.

So I’m very glad that Transition US has asked me to moderate their conference call with Martenson tomorrow, Tuesday, October 25. The call will take place at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific and it’s free and open to the public. It’s quick and easy to reserve your space now.

Meantime, check out the two-minute trailer for the Course.

— Erik Curren, Transition Voice

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