For peak oil, these stars are shining brightly

We first launched Transition Voice nearly a year ago with two interviews: Transition Town founder Rob Hopkins and the late oil industry investment banker Matt Simmons.

Since then, interviews with key figures in the peak oil movement, from James Howard Kunstler to Sharon Astyk to Nicole Foss, have become one of our most popular features. And we’ve kept ’em coming. Our latest was a discussion with Post Carbon Institute’s Richard Heinberg about the questions he raises on the US economy in his new book, The End of Growth.

Now, in anticipation of our big one-year anniversary coming in October, we’ve collected all our most popular interviews in one place: Transition Voice’s Stars of Peak Oil.

The stories you’ll find there range from short articles exploring one of the person’s unusual and defining interests — for instance, the Druid spirituality that motivates John Michael Greer — to in-depth Q&A’s that provide detailed insight into key issues of the person’s work, such as Lindsay Curren’s wide-ranging and frank conversation with a shirtless Dmitry Orlov from the deck of his sailboat.

How did human rights activist Bianca Jagger get interested in peak oil? What kind of odds does Oil Drum founder Gail the Actuary give community gardening? And how is prepping for peak oil like wearing a chicken suit outside the ASPO-US conference?

See them walk the red carpet

Answers to these questions and oh, so many more are awaiting you at our special cob house gala reception for the peak oil stars. So put on your favorite L.L.Bean waders, pour some hand pressed apple cider and kick back and relax. The solar powered spotlights are shining and the show’s about to start.

And as they say on TV, you’ve got the best seat in the house. Except this time, it’s really true, because sitting at your computer is pretty much the only seat in the house.

We hope you’ll enjoy getting to know these important writers and thinkers on peak oil as much as we did. And even if you don’t say “Hooray for Hollywood!” we hope you’ll at least come away saying “Hooray for Homegrown!” We mean, for growing things at home.

But most of all we hope you get a deeper understanding of why peak oil matters and the inspiration to take action in your own life right now.

— Transition Voice

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