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Yes, peak oil, you are transformed through love. Photo: Larkyn via Flickr.

For almost a year Transition Voice has been pumping out the peak oil news in a way that shows it can be fun, hip, edgy and smart to talk about energy, climate and the economy.

The dumbing-down of mass culture aside, this is apparently a story that engaged people want to hear. So, we’ve focused on opening up the conversation beyond number-crunchers, social critics, Permaculturalists and commando survivalists (all of whom we totally love, of course).

In the process, we’ve found that soccer moms, hedge-fund managers, first-grade teachers, Baptist ministers, real estate agents, homemakers, car salesmen, stage actors, the unemployed, the underemployed and the overemployed all get peak oil and climate change. And they’re ready to see how this one-two punch will change the economy and our way of life forever — for the better, if we do the right things now.

But only if you can reach them in a way that’s not dry and academic on one hand or scary and shrill on the other. So we’ve tried to be engaging, open and relevant to what smart people care about today. But we’re edgy and irreverent too. And we think it’s started to work.

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out our stats:

  • We’ve run articles by more 50 authors from 12 countries, with the majority originally written for Transition Voice, rather than re-posted from somewhere else.
  • Nearly 70,000 readers have visited us from 166 countries.
  • We now rank in the top 1% of all websites worldwide, according to Alexa.
  • Our Facebook page, which welcomes posts from visitors, has become a lively open forum for discussion of Transition issues, with dozens of posts per week from us but also from individual readers and groups, from Transition US and the Post Carbon Institute to Free Money Day and Growthbusters to Ipswitch Farmshare and Urban Ecology Australia.

Here’s where you come in…

If you connect the dots between peak oil, climate change and the economy, you know it can feel pretty lonely sometimes. We’re here to keep you company, to inspire you, to make you laugh in your transition to a life beyond fossil fuels.

Love HeartBut it ain’t easy singing the peak oil blues every day. We need some love, too. So this week we launched a new, interactive “Buy Us Some Love” widget in the sidebar of every page. It has this heart on it:

It’s a place for you to donate, to support the work we do. Now, we’d totally be happy to get some hugs, but money does help pay the bills and keep the whole crazy project going. And we LOVE the whole crazy project so…

For the cost of a couple of love songs, you can help us keep spreadin’ the peak-oily love by donating through Buy Us Some Love. Just click to help us with five bucks today and feel lovely all week. You can also give $10 or $25 and feel super lovely, a regular fountain of love!

And we’re happy to take any level of affection you want to give. For larger amounts, try our Support Page. You have to go through our fiscal agent in that case, but that makes it tax-deductible for you. A love-love.

We are passionate about Transition Voice and want to keep doing it for you. Help keep it going by donating today.

— Lindsay Curren, Editor-in-Chief, Transition Voice

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