Tiny Oregon town aims to spread free food worldwide

Alpine Food Sharing Garden sign

Not just a community garden, but a garden that builds community.

More than a community garden, the Alpine Food Sharing Garden, located in a tiny unincorporated town in the foothills of the Central Oregon Coast Range, provides fresh produce for all who’ve contributed to it, with surplus going to the local food bank.

Coordinators Chris Burns and Llyn Peabody note that with one large plot rather than separate plots, Alpine Sharing Garden enables more efficient food production — from watering to optimizing for pollinators.

Garden organizers clearly have ambitions beyond rural western Oregon, as their website notes,

This model is easily replicated anywhere there are vacant lots and people with enough gardening experience to oversee the project and does not require large input of money to make it work.

In an interview with Janaia Donaldson, Burns and Peabody share tips for getting started, garden planning, communicating with volunteers, garden practices like deep mulch, and especially the joy of giving without expecting a return.

Peak Moment TVWatch the video interview, brought to you through our partnership with Peak Moment Television. Then, read about this conversation in Donaldson’s journal entry, “A Sharing Garden that Grows Community.”

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