Japanese people reach out via Facebook

Peace Crane

1,000 cranes for peace is a Japanese tradition begun after the nuclear bombings of World War II. Photo: Courtney____ via Flickr.

I am currently in Ulgii City, Outer Mongolia.

Televisions are reporting constant updates about developments in Japan. Many nomads here can pick this up because they have solar panels and satellite dishes to catch TV signals. Their simple model is a telling example of how low energy local resilience effectively meets global connectedness.

The Mongolian president is on television promising aid to Japan because Japan helped Mongolia survive the dzudsextreme winter freezes. Mongolian citizens in Japan are being brought home.

Here on the ground I remain busy with my work at the Asia-Pacific Center for Regenerative Design.

I’m winding up an involved project here on which I’m very focused but I’ve taken a few moments to read dispatches from friends on Facebook in Tokyo. It’s really given me pause to consider not only their predicament, but the tough aftermath in what feels like an anxious information vacuum. Their small statements reveal so much. I share them with you here:

  • Tonia, Matt, Sunil san, Wai thank you for your concerns. We are OK here. Now we concerned about nuclear plants problem. If any body know about the information I’d like to know. Our gov’t won’t give us much info. – Saturday 4:35pm –
  • Thanks for offer Peggy. We wish fly to somewhere. When we are ready to leave from here the safer place that one of nuclear plant is exploded. So we are staying inside of house just in case. Now collecting right real info.
    Gov’t doesn’t give …us correct real information. Now 190 people are already victim by nuclear radiation near by the place. Or place is 200km from exploded plant. Gov’t said stay out from 20km area but I don’tt think the distance is nothing. In Sweden already caught our radiation. – Sunday 11:58am –
  • Thanks for offering Scott, but now we’re staying inside of house right now till gets a correct information about nuclear plant explode. We need correct information. I have no idea about flight info yet. So many people were stuck at airport then. – Sunday 12:07pm
  • The news on CNN says that there are conflicting stories being set out . You can see on internet CNN this way you know what everyone knows please take care of yourself any word from Shoko-san? – Monday
  • We will not know for days true damage to 1-3 reactors. 9 people have tested positive for radiation poisoning so far so report is Japanese govt. will distribute iodine to those exposed. Do you have power/electricity at your abode now? – Monday


–Matthew Lynch, Transition Voice Magazine

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