The iceman cometh. Al Gore goeth?

Back, Hannity and Limbaugh as polar bears

Glenn Beck led Fox News commentators in January in saying that winter storms proved global warming a hoax. Image:

January was a banner month for snowstorms and wintry weather across the US. It was also a banner month for Fox News commentators to excoriate Al Gore and pound home the message that global warming must be a hoax.

In the second month of its new Beck-Hannity-Limbaugh Global Warming Truth Index, Transition Voice has again collected weather data from the three Fox commentators’ hometowns to determine whether climate change is happening or not.

And the answer? For the second month in a row, global warming is a hoax.

“Al Gore, you suck for being so wrong”

For years, Fox News commentators have been asking “How can there be global warming if it’s snowing and it’s bitterly cold?”

In January, with much of the prime media market in the Northeast under six inches of snow or more, Fox personalities wanted answers. And they wanted them from the single man on Earth most responsible for climate “science”: Al Gore.

Glenn Beck led the charge on his January 14 radio show, standing up for the principle that global climate science must pass the sniff test of local weather:

Got up this morning and it was three. I don’t mean three am. It was three. And I thought, man, Al Gore, you suck for being so wrong. It snowed in Hawaii and 49 states…I would love some melting ice. I could pour a warm Coke in a glass in this weather and all of it freezes.

While 2010 was tied for the hottest year on record, and 2000 to 2009 was the hottest decade on record, outside Beck’s house it was cold, cold, cold — not a good sign for the theory of global warming.

Meanwhile, Fox climate up-and-comer Steve Doocy grabbed the snowy spotlight in a segment shot out on a wintry street with a guy in a polar bear costume. But the lighthearted bit clearly carried a serious punch.

“Somewhere, Al Gore’s got to be giggling right now. This polar bear’s actually wearing a Hawaiian lei,” he mused, referring no doubt to the snow that fell in January in the Aloha State.

Though the Big Island’s 13,796-foot peak Mauna Kea sees snow on its summit every winter, only recently have Fox commentators discovered that the presence of naturally occurring precipitation under 32°F in the state that gave us grass skirts, slack-key guitar and Dog the Bounty Hunter refutes the theory of global warming.

So if you like Piña Coladas and getting caught in the snow, read on…

What do the real numbers say?

Dismissing a theory developed by thousands of scientific studies over more than two decades by using two-minutes worth of good ol’ common sense has worked well for those-who-report-while-you-decide.

But for those who require evidence, the Transition Voice Global Warming Truth Index combines average temperatures from the hometowns of Fox News commentators Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh to get the real picture. Then, the index compares the current month’s temperatures in the hometowns to historical averages for all three cities. All weather data comes from regional offices of the National Weather Service.

Using this methodology, combined Fox commentator hometown temperatures in January 2011 were 2.2 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than in the past. Based on this data, the inescapable conclusion is that…

…is still a hoax!
Commentator Hometown Jan. 2011 Average Difference
Beck Mt. Vernon, WA 40.2°F 38.1°F +2.1°F
Hannity New York, NY 29.7°F 32.1°F -2.4°F
Limbaugh Cape Girardeau, MO 27.7°F 29.6°F -1.9°F
Combined total for all three hometowns -2.2°F
Jan. 2011 was COLDER than average in the Fox News personalities’ hometowns.
CONCLUSION: Global warming = HOAX.

“January is the second month in a row that temperatures in the three TV commentators’ hometowns were colder than in the past,” said Erik Curren, publisher of Transition Voice.

This means that during the entire period since the launch of the Beck-Hannity-Limbaugh index last month, it’s been colder than average in the hometowns of the Fox News stars.

“Not 80% of the time. Not 90% of the time. But a full 100% of the time it’s been colder, not warmer,” noted Curren. “While the index has only been active for two months, we think it’s been long enough to ask whether there can be any possible doubt now that the theory of global warming is a complete and total hoax?”

Of course, if next month is warmer, then everything’s up for grabs.

— Transition Voice

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