Jon Stewart’s big energy scoop

For a guy whose business is fake news, The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart sure does get the real news scoop sometimes, putting mainstream news hounds to shame. No wonder Sarah Palin calls it the “lamestream” media. Oh wait, that’s for other reasons.

At any rate, in the video below Stewart digs into nearly half a century of news footage to create one of the most damning portrayals on record of serial US presidential fecklessness in the face of looming crisis.

Time and again Stewart shows presidents from Richard Nixon to Barack Obama with soaring and outraged rhetoric about American dependence on foreign oil while offering no concrete plan to address it. Unless you call an urgent and time-specific goal to “get off foreign oil” without a single strategy or tactic to accompany it a “plan.” And then those time-specific dates pass by with bupkus to show for it.

So here we are forty years later. Long after we had a chance to make a difference. We know America hit the peak of oil production in the 1970s. The International Energy Agency now tells us the whole globe hit the peak of oil production in 2006. The oil that matters anyway; the stuff we can afford, the cheap stuff that can actually drive economy.

Now comes the real trouble. We’re seeing it already. Triple digit oil barrel prices. Recession. Pain at the gas pump. And all the rising prices and flattening markets that ensue.

How many more presidents will ask us to read their lips while their actions betray a total lack of commitment to a comprehensive energy transition?

Since time’s a wasting, we hope it’ll be the one currently in power. Afterall, ya gotta dance with the one that brung ya’.

How’s about it, President Obama?

Watch the video here.

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–Lindsay Curren

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  1. jonfkessler says

    Carter was ahead of his time. Fuel efficiency, energy independence policies symbolized by solar panels on White House gutted by 12 years of Reagan – Bush #1… and it’s been downhill from there.

    Politicians in our system need to raise massive amounts of cash – which comes from the most profiable industries – such as Big Oil… Until we eliminate cash payments from politics don’t expect to see anything of value from the gov’t of the corporations!

    We need to take things into our own hands as much as we can. Might as well pay now for insulation, cause we’re going to pay a lot more later…

  2. DennisP says

    All the presidents have been politicians. But there is something called “leadership”. But you can’t exhibit leadership if you are devoted to the “going along to get along” ethic of virtually all politicians. Will the U.S. democracy ever elect a leader?

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