Texas: don’t mess with California

Ah, Texas oil guys. There really is a lot to love about your supersized state: great quesadillas, wind turbines, Kinky Friedman, the Chicken Ranch and Austin indy rock. And let’s not forget the late Matt Simmons.

But are you oil and gas barons just addicted to trying to screw California?

You’d think that whole Enron thing, causing blackouts just for grins and jacking up power rates back in 2000-2001 until the little old lady in Pasadena screamed, would have taught you guys in Houston some kind of lesson.

Doesn’t seem to have stuck. Now you’re at it again, throwing cash at the Proposition 23 astroturf campaign in California. If passed, this bonehead measure would roll back the state’s half-decent global warming law passed in 2006, one that has helped make the state a leader in clean energy.

The difference between life and death for our industry.
–National Petroleum Refiners Association asking for support of Prop. 23

So far, Texas oil companies Valero and Tesoro have joined the Tea Party, the billionaire Koch brothers and others in the assault on California’s law to the tune of almost $8.5 million.

Don’t get us wrong, Texas oil guys, we do appreciate all your work getting the oil. And I’m sure we’ll be paying you even better for it in the future as the stuff starts to run low. But if there are people in the Golden State who aren’t quite as apathetic as you are to the fate of  industrial civilization, that’s their problem.

So, Texas oil guys, can’t you just sit this one out? California doesn’t need your help.

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