Live blogging from ASPO conference 2010

ASPO-USA Peak Oil Conference 2010Hi Readers,

Geeks like us have an inordinate amount of fun listening to people talking about peak oil not just for one day, but for days on end. That’s why we’re at the Association for the Study of Peak Oil Conference 2010, in Washington D.C.

If you’re equally geeky, you can follow our adventures here by tuning into our live blogging over these three days. Join our Facebook and Twitter feeds (hashtag #peakoil2010) for our microblogging updates, and this page for longer stories from the breakout sessions, and the City picture with my update later tonight on the new vegan restaurant in DC, Cafe Green, and my review on the energy section at the Politics and Prose Bookstore.

Next month, much of our November issue will be on the ASPO conference, with interviews and stories. Due out October 25, 2010. Subscribe on any page, please donate to our funding for 2011, and stay tuned to this blog page over the next three days for more.

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