Best peak oil bug-out plan

2012 movie posterThe ASPO-USA conference held in Washington, DC earlier this month was not the place to go for apocalyptic scenarios of societal collapse or training on how to fight off MZBs (mutant zombie bikers, that is).

There were lots of sober presentations on oil depletion curves, coal depletion curves, and of course, natural gas depletion curves. There were also lively panels on what energy depletion could mean to society, and how it should best deal with the predicament through solar power, local food, and conservation.

To add a bit of spice, there were a few outliers in the doomer mold. Exhibit A, economic analyst Nicole Foss, who calls capitalism a Ponzi scheme and foresees economic collapse in the next few years as America’s credit bubble bursts. Foss, who blogs under the name Stoneleigh, shared her personal plan for a future to prepare for the chaos that she sees coming. Some years ago, she and her family moved from the UK, which she saw as at-risk because it was located “at the end of a long supply chain of natural gas from Russia,” to a farm in Canada where she can heat with wood and grow her own food.

World Bank analyst Charles Schlumberger

The man with the plan.

But the award for most 007-esque bug-out plan must go to Charles Schlumberger, Principal Air Transport Specialist for the World Bank in Washington. The straight-laced Swiss national and avid aviator was much more optimistic about the future than Foss. He was confident that commercial airlines would continue to fly after peak oil, though today’s $199 Jet Blue special to the coast would be replaced by DC-to-LA fares something like $2,000.

Schlumberger obviously loves to fly and it showed in the four-stage plan that he has developed to spirit his family beyond the Beltway if the Capitol City should be set aflame by civil unrest.

The plan involves a plane fueled and at the ready at a local airport, which Schlumberger would fly to his property in an undisclosed location in the Florida Keys. If the United States proves too dangerous, then after re-fueling with the 200 gallons of jet kerosene stashed on site, he would take to the skies again, this time to a central American nation, where his wife’s family has helped the Schlumbergers acquire a ranch and amass numerous head of cattle.

From what sounds like a heavenly hacienda, the family can wait out the Long Emergency, safe, hopefully, from los ciclistas mutante zombi.

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