ASPO conference was so worth it

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Image: Larry Larstead's film Peak Oil.

We’re back from the Association for the Study of Peak Oil’s 2010 conference with twice the already obsessive passion we have for this issue.

If you find yourself ready to bump up your commitment to peak oil education, advocacy, and outreach, you should plan now to attend next year’s conference. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A raft of international experts who generously deliver top notch information, analysis, and opinion on issues like energy, security, economy, food, transportation, geology, investments, and more.
  • Access to these experts in plenty of networking opportunities.
  • A community of people who wont think you’re crazy for thinking about peak oil and who will in fact support and encourage you in your work.

We went in to the conference planning to both live tweet and live blog the event, and we did do some blogging, but not as much as planned. After listening to a few sessions we decided to divide and conquer in a different way, with Erik taking extensive notes for our November issue (out on October 25) which includes reams of interviews and articles with folks from the event, and me live Tweeting (you can follow us on Twitter, and access those tweets by going to and entering #peakoil2010.)

But it’s a holiday today so for now we’re just recuperating from the whirlwind of it all, processing our notes, and planning the November issue.There’s still time to submit, so let us know if you’re interested by using the Contact form.

Again, I can say that this conference will add volumes to your knowledge on peak oil from many angles and through many implications. And if next year is anything like this year, you’ll be awed and inspired by the many experts who will take you everywhere from “downhole” in the drilling world, to a thinking society of engaged citizens a la Ralph Nader. Hope to see you there!

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