Shopping is better in the Boston area, but Vermont is better for simple living. Photo: Matt Chan/Flickr.

Bugging out from Boston to Vermont

First, I quit my job to write a blog about climate change. Then, I started to worry about the future in a crowded urban area.



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hand typing on keyboard

Transition Voice is back

Where did Transition Voice go for five months? Is it now back? Whose hand is that in the picture? And whose fuzzy sweater? Answers to all these questions are now here.

Tilda Swinton is from the government but she's not here to help in Snowpiercer.

‘Snowpiercer’ off the rails

Wonderful that there’s a new film in theaters about climate change. Too bad it leans on cliches of the prison-break flick instead of using action to give more insight.

crowd looking up

Peak oil and the ignorance of crowds

Why do people fail to act when confronted with overwhelming evidence of global warming, peak oil and failing economies? It’s peer pressure. But it could help us too.

Graffiti of pierced bleeding heart with dark spot

Month of heartbreak

Valentine’s Day is gone, but for 50 years, February has been designated American Heart Month. So let’s connect the dots between heart disease and emotional blockages.

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